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Do I Need Any Special Clothing or Equipment?

The Simple Answer is "no", the club can and does provide everything most of our members will ever need.

All members are able to borrow everything Free of Charge with the exception of  "consumables" such as ammunition, targets and tea which are available to buy from the range office. The club does charge a small fee for this service - normally a few pennies but up to 50p on a tin of air pellets - with all proceeds going towards club funds.

Obviously, the use of the clubs .22 target rifles, air rifles and air pistols is closely regulated, but everything, including shooting jackets and ear defenders, can be provided. Whilst not necessarily the latest model (you certainly wont look as "tailored" as the chap in the photo to the right!) it will certainly be enough to get you started.

We recomend that you wear comfortabe, non-restrictive clothing such as jeans and a sweatshirt for .22 rifle shooting and flat soled shoes such as trainers for air pistol and air rifle.

a gentle warning before you go out and spend lots of money!

Whatever you do, don't buy any kit, particularly air rifles, before you come to the range for the first time - or at least tell the person you are buying from what you plan to do with it!

We don't sell kit here, but a lot of the equipment available on the high street is not suitable for competition shooting and may not even be legally used on Home Office Approved Ranges like ours (i.e. no .22 air rifles can be used on our indoor 10m ranges).

We don't charge for advice, even for non-members, so always feel free to contact us if you are about to make a purchase and want a second opinion - it may save you making an expensive mistake!


For reference, we buy the clubs air rifles from Woodys of Wembley (but we don't get paid for saying this and other reliable retailers are available!)

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