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Target Air Rifle Shooting at Twicenha

Since our founding in 1903 Twickenham's Rifle & Pistol Club has provided local residents with a safe, secure and responsible club in which to practice and compete in the Olympic disciplines of air rifle, air pistol and .22 rifle shooting.

Shoot, Train, Compete and Have Fun in a Safe and Sociable Setting!
Small Bore .22 Target Rifle Shooting In Twickenha,
Target Air Pistol Shooting in Twickenham

Located in the heart of Middlesex, a mere stones throw from Twickenham Stadium and the Twickenham Stoop, is the century-old Twickenham Rifle & Pistol Club. The foundation of the club and the establishment of the rifle range in west London in the early Twentieth Century was, as with many similar clubs, originally instigated by a number of senior military men, amateur riflemen and politicians keen to rectify a perceived lack of marksmanship amongst the general population that had been highlighted during the Boer War. More recently the clubs have been associated with the home guard and are now mostly affiliated to the National Small Bore Rifle Association.

The clubs ranges are open for target shooting every Sunday afternoon and Wednesday evening although members can arrange for the club to be open on other days by special arrangement.

In addition to air rifle, air pistol and .22 target rifle the club also has a long range target rifle shooting section that use fullbore rifles at the National Shooting Centre, Bisley (some 40 minutes drive from SW London). Twickenham Rifle & Pistol Club is affiliated to the Surrey Small Bore Rifle Association and the Middlesex Small Bore Rifle Association.

The club has a full range of the equipment and the firearms necessary to shoot at the top level in all current shooting disciplines. Use of this equipment is free of charge to members.

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